Didi Digomi is a large Soviet era housing complex on the northern edge of Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. The poor quality of construction combined with the effects of Georgia's post Soviet economic and political instability have taken their toll on the neighbourhood. The area's distance from the city centre and the relative lack of transport connections have contributed to a sense of isolation.
Recent years have seen the beginnings of efforts, both public and private, to rejuvenate Didi Digomi. Despite the difficulties resulting from a lack of investment and physical isolation there appears to be a strong sense of community and solidarity among the residents. 
These images were taken between 2010 and 2012 when I lived in Tbilisi, close to Didi Digomi. I visited and photographed the neighbourhood on a regular, near daily, basis while walking my dog. Looking over my images from that time, many of them were taken during overcast weather or during the winter. The end result is a portrayal of Didi Digomi that is true to one aspect of my experience of this district but which at the same time creates, perhaps, a colder, more pessimistic vision than is warranted.
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